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Afterimage Real Estate Photography is a world-class real estate media company serving Colorado and Wyoming. We specialize in capturing stunning aerial and ground-level images and videos that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of every property. Our team of professional photographers and videographers are experts in their field, with years of experience and a passion for delivering exceptional results. We believe that every property deserves to be presented in the best possible light, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their marketing goals through our high-quality visual content.

Drone still for Afterimage Real Estate Photography and Videography!
World Class media at Afterimage Real Estate Photography and Videography!

Owner | Operator | Lead Photrapher/Videographer

Thank you, for the opportunity to introduce myself....I think it's important to know who you are hiring when you book a photography session...

I was born in raised in Colorado; I love it here. Parker, Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland have been my places I have called home. I currently live in Loveland. 

Most of my life has been involved with music, either professionally or as a hobby – I have been playing professionally since 2018, touring full-time with a country band. This lifestyle allows me to pursue my other passion - photography!

I started Afterimage in 2017 with a small drone. I quickly realized that Real Estate Photography is what I wanted to do and added DSLR and 3D cameras to capture listings. A few of my real estate friends gave me a chance, and the business exploded! 

I think part of my success has been my extensive background. I seem to have done it all (at least it feels like it)! Most of my life has been spent creating music, recording music and most importantly performing music with multiple bands since the early 1990s. When I moved to Northern Colorado in 1997, I got into audio/video production/engineering with Comcast cable. This allowed me to get more experience with digital video and audio. I soon realized that I wanted more – so I enrolled in Flight School to become a professional pilot. I was able to work at Comcast at night and go to flight school during the day! Although tiring and exhausting, I graduated soon after and was hired by a local regional airline. Now I had to make a choice -fly full-time or work in the production/music industry. I chose to fly full-time. I was a professional pilot for 10+ years flying turbo-props, Jets and running a Full-motion Simulator Training Center all at once (still tiring and exhausting)! While I was flying professionally, I was also an FAA authorized pilot examiner and aviation Professor at a local aviation college in Greeley.

I was missing something though…..Creativity. You see, there is no creativity in aviation. That’s dangerous. 

I realized that I needed a change. So, I started to play music again, edit video and produce digital content. It seemed that is where I belonged. And I was good at it.

In 2018, I got a call from a national country band that needed a full-time bass player and I took the position and left aviation behind – for the most part. My aviation background allowed me to become part 107 certified in drone operations and be very proficient in safe operation. My production background allowed me to fly the drone in a dramatic/cinematic way with a special eye for detail to capture video for Real Estate, music videos and still pictures. 

I'm very proud of what I have accomplished, and now I feel that I am in the right place, creating digital content for you – my customers! My passion for this business drives me, and my team, to deliver a high quality, creative media. 

See you soon!

~Jay Lee


Instagram @Jayleebass2112

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